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Superstition With Reason

Sam turned 20 on November 4th.  She asked me to get her a cookie cake (which we do every now and then).  So I got her a Mrs. Field’s cake with balloons on it (made of frosting, of course) and with the text comprised of LSU colors spelling out “Happy 20th Birthday, Sam”.  She loved it.  It was a nice day.  The next day I had work.  When I came home I saw the red cookie cake box sitting on the counter and I peeked inside to see how much was left and I saw one piece.  But what I saw about that one piece took my breath away! Continue reading Superstition With Reason


The Sunshine Blogger Award!

img_3232What a nice award!  I know whenever I go on and search for those blogs I’ve become so familiar with and even search for some new ones, I am continually feeling as if I’m standing in a ray of sunshine when I read another blogger’s words that I just get… I love when I read that blog and I just know if that person were here in front of me, we would be fast friends. I’ve encountered quite a few of those and it’s been lovely, like sunshine..  So thank you, Miss Cathy, for this honor and recognition.

The rules for this one are simple.  I’ve got some questions to answer, and 11 bloggers to nominate. Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award!

The Encouraging Thunder Award!


Wow!  With a name like that for the award how could I not be thrilled to be acknowledged by my fellow blog-mate, Miss Sarah?!

I had to do some looking to find out what this is all about and I did find this lovely quote:

Encouragement is said to be the oxygen for the human spirit. Do not forget you are carrying someone’s air with you. Encourage them. Help them breathe” – anonymous.

One of the rules states that I have to share with y’all why I do this. Continue reading The Encouraging Thunder Award!


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Helpless.”

So I’m coming home from work on Thursday night.  It’s been a hard week as I’ve been covering for my friend, Mona, who took some time to go help her son set up his new house.  (How exciting!)  But I’m wiped out!  Yeah, the extra money helps.  I love helping my friends when something comes up.  I know they’d do the same for me, and they did when I had to go take care of my sister and when my dad passed.  So I am thankful that they ask me to help because I want them to know that they can count on me and because I can use the money, definitely.  But after work on Thursday, something just let go in my brain.

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Keeping our loved ones present

I read a post written by a lovely lady (Cathy Lynn Brooks) who keeps a blog devoted to her daughter, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and lost her life in an accident about a year ago.  Truly a tragic story!  Her story had me thinking about my situation surrounding my dad’s passing last month.

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What’s It All About?

Where did I look to answer that question when forming my “About” page?  It’s hard to look in the past for that, unless you carry your past around like an old suitcase, which (hate to say) I do occasionally…  I look at what’s on my mind.  What am I consumed by?  I’m coming to discover that what I write about will always be pertinent as long as it means something to me or someone else, for that matter.  Right now, taking action to move back home to be with my family and friends is foremost in my mind even more than it has been in the last 10 years.  Dad’s passing has shoved it under a magnifying glass.

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Where is Home?

I reside in the Midwest. “Reside” is a good word to describe my existence every day. My heart is at home in New Orleans. For those of you not from New Orleans (or even from the deep south) you may not get my attachment to my hometown. New Orleans is a different kind of city, almost its own country, in a way. The day we were traveling to Rockford was very sad for me; not only because I had to leave my family and friends and the only home I’ve ever known, but we arrived the day after 9/11. It was a remarkable day in history and a life-changing event, personally, for me. It was an unpleasant day. I continue to hold on to the belief that one day I will get back. With my dad gone now it feels even more important that I make it back home. My sister is my only sibling and I so miss my friends from so long ago. What all of us have in common, however, is that we all have a home town. Many of us leave home to go live somewhere else either by choice or necessity. My experience is only one story. What’s your story? Are there similarities in our hometowns? I’m sure there are!

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Taking things for granted…

Like water… A pipe broke at my sister’s house and we are without water for a day or so.  I’d gotten my son a bathing suit that was too small.  I told him I was going to take it back and exchange it.  He said he wanted to come with me to Walmart so he could go to the bathroom.  Very smart!  Got back here and made a sandwich for dinner and was dismayed that I couldn’t rinse the knife after I spread the peanut butter.  Little disappointments all because we expect something to be there even when we know it’s not.  When I have the thought to wash my hands, I forget that the water’s been off all day.  I went for a walk earlier when the sun was still up.  Here in New Orleans it’s been pretty warm!  I came back dripping and realized that there’s no shower in store for me.  So I sat out in the patio and stopped sweating.  Then I went inside to let the sweat dry so I wouldn’t be wet anymore.  Weird, huh?  It just makes me wonder what else do we take for granted like water.  Probably more than I’d want to know.  When the water comes back on tomorrow or Thursday I will be very grateful, and I’m sure everyone else in the house will like that I will be able to take a shower.

Turn, turn, turn, refocus, change…

Starting with the song… you know the one.

“To everything turn, turn, turn… There is a season, turn, turn, turn… and a time to every purpose, under heaven…”

A time to live, die, rethink, inspire and be inspired… Ever since I was a girl I wanted to be a writer.  As I got older, my dad told me he wanted to write a book with me.  His thoughts about what that would look like were kind of hard to nail down, but he was so sweet in his sincerity and his inclusion of me in such a wonderfully, lofty goal!  We worked at it a few times.  Took copious notes about what he wanted to say, had long talks into the night over dinner at Sal and Sam’s (which is closed now, unfortunately!), and talked on the phone about it ongoingly.  Dad is one of the most important people in my life and it saddens me to report that on July 1st, slightly after midnight, he passed away.  He was 85.  He had a heart condition for most of his life.  Three heart attacks, triple bypass surgery, high blood pressure, mild diabetes, etc.  He had a good life, however. At his funeral I couldn’t stop thinking that it would have been nice to work a bit more on that book he and I were planning.  My thought then, was simple.  “Maybe I can do it now, for him, since he’s not here.”  So that’s what this is.  After having this idea, I saw the ad for the bogging 101 class.  I’d just learned a good deal about WordPress so it seems fit and appropriate and Dad would love it!  So here I am, giving this a go.  I’ve been a journaler since age 7.  At 53, maybe I can do this and write something that will be a contribution to someone.  Please come with me and Dad on this journey.  Let’s see where we end up!