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Build Yourself Up

I love the way Arianna speaks about her body and how it works as a “vessel” and not a defining agent pointing to her identity! This is brilliant! I’ve got to share this!

My Journey

Today I want to talk about self confidence. (I feel like I’m writing an essay in 1st grade. “I’m going to tell you about…”)

Self confidence is hard. And don’t for a second think it’s only hard for people who struggle with their weight or only for women. Self confidence is just hard. Period. Everyone struggles with something. Even if you are a very confident person who actually loves their body, there is something that you either dislike or don’t feel comfortable about. When I was little, before I was fat, it was my feet. They’re big. And wide. People used to call them “flintsone feet” and I never wore sandles.

Everyone has something.

I think a lot of people start off their weight loss journey thinking “If I lose 20 pounds, I’ll feel more comfortable in a bikini.”And maybe that’s true for some people, but it’s not always…

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Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches!

The soup last week was delicious!  That was the Picante Chicken Black Bean Soup.  It was wonderful and only ended up being 6 points plus values for 1-1/2 cups!  I put it with a salad or a good serving of vegetables and it made a wonderful dinner.  If you try it, let me know what you thought.

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