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“Today Was a Good Day” Photo Collage Challenge

This would be a perfect day for me right now.  The kids were small (before they got their own ideas and preferences and boyfriends and all that stuff).  We were too!  We were in Florida (my favorite place to vacation in all the world!).  Dad would be there too.  Perfect!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.”


Creepy Clouds

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”

I saw this sky one day at work as the clouds gathered in preparation for a storm.  It was bad.  That was the night our tree fell down on the front lawn.  The clouds looked so ominous!


1D in Minneapolis

I went with Sam and her friend, Lexi. Yes, I’m a big fan as well. The thing that surprised me, however, was the outdoor arena. It was OUTDOORS. I didn’t know that. I dressed in jeans with a 3/4 sleeve shirt thinking I would be so clever (because that 1/4 really makes a huge difference when you’re blasted with A/C!). After eating a late lunch at Jimmy John’s we made our way to the venue. Sam and Lexi sat about 5 rows from the stage. I sat about 505 rows away from the stage. I was all the way in the back. And up into the nosebleed areas.

Yes. Way far back. We sat for about 2 hours. It was warm. I was sweaty from head to foot. I rolled my jeans up to my knees and pulled my 3/4 sleeves up to almost 1/8. The show started just before the sun went below the arena walls. Then it cooled off and watching the boys was great fun!

The day was great.  We all had a great time and now I can say I drove 5 hours to get somewhere to spend most of the day and then drive 5 hours again to get back to Rockford.   We got back at a little after 6:00am.  Josh had a doctor’s appointment at 10:15am.  Needless to say, it was a hard day.  But the trip was great fun!