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I’m Home

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written.  I’m making up for that starting now.  But I need to tell y’all that I made it.  I’m home.  Not quite as cleanly as I’d like it, but I’m home nonetheless!  We came home on August 15th.  It’s been amazing… an adventure…  a labyrinth of new things to maneuver through.  The move was miserable.  The cleaning out, the purging, the letting go of useless stuff was wonderful!  But the move itself was painful.  We will never again use Bekins to move (if we ever do again), nor will I ever recommend that company as the one to trust with your personal things.  Things were broken, misplaced, poorly organized… that along with the unprofessional attitudes of some of the men who moved us had this be an experience that I trudged forward as opposed to feeling supported through.

Having lunch at Dot’s Diner

Being home is something I haven’t felt in a long time.  I remarked to Dan how I realized after being here for a little while that I hadn’t felt the feeling of being home at all in the big house in Rockford.  It was a beautiful house!  But I noticed that I would pace the floor over and over.  I was restless in that house.  It was always cold inside, even during the summertime!  The feeling of being at home is so unmistakable that it has me quite at a loss as to how I could’ve missed that feeling.  I’ve been homeless (in a sense) for 16 years!   I learned so much from my excursion up north.  I made some friends that I know will be friends for life!  I discovered that Weight Watchers actually works and that I really do love the work I do for them.  I learned that I can do whatever I set my mind to.  I know that if something needs to be done, I will find a way.  We are at the end of 2017 and I said to myself and to all of you 2 1/2 years ago that I was coming home.  This was after Dad had passed and I realized that I wanted to get home to be with Jen and the rest of my family.  For 2 years I spoke it.  I lived as though we were moving home.  And then the V.A. job opened up for Dan.  It took about 9 months of his prodding them and checking to make sure that they knew he was still alive and on this planet, but they gave him the job and we came home 4 months ago!  I am singing with Eric and Sandra again!  I am working for Weight Watchers here in my hometown and I love it!  Thanksgiving was wonderful!  Jen and the kids were here and the meal was so very special!  Turkey with Maw Maw’s dressing, spinach with sour cream, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, mashed potatoes, broccoli, rolls, pecan pie, pumpkin cheesecake, and pumpkin pie!  It was miraculous!  And Jen and I did it together.

So Christmas will be here in a couple of weeks.  It’s time to really look at 2018.  What am I going to speak into action next year?  It appears that I am more powerful than I thought I was a couple of years ago.  All it takes is throwing your hat over the wall…


Superstition With Reason

Sam turned 20 on November 4th.  She asked me to get her a cookie cake (which we do every now and then).  So I got her a Mrs. Field’s cake with balloons on it (made of frosting, of course) and with the text comprised of LSU colors spelling out “Happy 20th Birthday, Sam”.  She loved it.  It was a nice day.  The next day I had work.  When I came home I saw the red cookie cake box sitting on the counter and I peeked inside to see how much was left and I saw one piece.  But what I saw about that one piece took my breath away! Continue reading Superstition With Reason

The Lakefront

The lakefront
Jen sitting on the seawall
…is a wondrous place.  Jen and I used to go to the lakefront with Dad when we were little.  Always on a Sunday.  Sometimes Kim would come and we’d take our paper kite and fly it while we ate lunch.  Kim was a close friend of Dad’s.  They grew up together and he was at our house a lot before he got sick. He was diagnosed with cancer later on.  I think Kim’s funeral was the 2nd funeral I’d ever been to (after Rie).  We never cooked out down by the lakefront. I don’t even think they had BBQ pits down there back then.  We just picked up Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Dad brought the fishing poles sometimes and we would fish on the seawall.  Every now and then he’d bring the crab nets and we’d try and get some blue crabs (that didn’t happen too often that I remember–and if it did, usually the crabs were too small to take home).

Sitting on the seawall with Dad, Kim, and Jen was magical. Continue reading The Lakefront

My Front Porch…

Sitting on my front porch was one of my favorite things to do after a day of playing in the dirt, or walking down the street to school to run up and down the football field.  The porch was like the day’s final resting spot.  Not like a death, but more like a place for contemplation and reflection.  Sitting on the brick-laid steps I’d watch the lizards jump from bush to bush and try to guess what color car would drive by next.  The mosquitoes hadn’t quite come out for their time in the sun yet, so sitting on the steps, catching a breeze here and there, watching the cars pass, while I try to guess what’s for dinner by sniffing the air for any sign of red beans or baked macaroni seemed to be the best idea at the time.

Mrs. Reynolds would come out and put her sprinkler over by the azaleas, Continue reading My Front Porch…

Riding Bikes With Ghosts

I had to share this. I read this on Walt’s blog a couple of weeks ago and came back again today to read it again. It reminds me of home and I just love this post. Have fun!


Right after dinner after getting the girls in bed I get to the garage and grab my bike and I’m ready to go. Rode it yesterday after not riding it for years and stuffed it in the van and drove it to the QT to inflate the tires for free and rode that bitch. It’s got one sticker on it from the move up north and one from the move back down and all the dust and rust from in between and the front tire is flat again already. Goddammit.

I can stuff it in the van one more time and fight traffic to the QT or I can go two blocks to Wal-Mart and buy a pump. Or I can go back inside and stare at the computer again for a couple hours before I have to get up.

Wal-Mart has the kind you pump with your foot and…

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“Today Was a Good Day” Photo Collage Challenge

This would be a perfect day for me right now.  The kids were small (before they got their own ideas and preferences and boyfriends and all that stuff).  We were too!  We were in Florida (my favorite place to vacation in all the world!).  Dad would be there too.  Perfect!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.”

Wednesdays At Rie’s

“Come on, y’all, let’s go!” Dad would call.

We were getting ready to go to my grandmother’s house.  Dad was an only child so Rie (that’s what we called her–short for Marie-with the emphasis on the first syllable) doted on him so.  He didn’t mind, I don’t think.  He talked to her nearly every day and had dinner with her (and all of us) once a week, every Wednesday.  My grandmother was a real character.  She said what she wanted to say and did what she wanted to do.  Her house was next to the Sterns (which if you’ve ever been to New Orleans is down the street from Longue Vue Gardens on Bamboo Rd. near the Palmetto St. canal).  Of course back then it was just the Sterns.  I went to school with their grandson and we used to play in the gardens all the time.  Funny that when I grew up it turned into a big deal. Continue reading Wednesdays At Rie’s

Keeping our loved ones present

I read a post written by a lovely lady (Cathy Lynn Brooks) who keeps a blog devoted to her daughter, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and lost her life in an accident about a year ago.  Truly a tragic story!  Her story had me thinking about my situation surrounding my dad’s passing last month.

Continue reading Keeping our loved ones present

By the pecan tree

When I was little the backyard was one of my favorite places to be.  There were so many reasons for this.  In the middle of the yard we had the biggest pecan tree I’ve ever seen that dropped nuts all the time.  I’d go out to play by the rowboat we had on the left side of the yard, often.  One of my favorite things to do was to turn the boat over and see what was underneath.  My dad kept it upside down and usually we just sat on it and played cards or talked but I LOVED to look and see what was underneath!  Lots of juicy worms would curl up and writhe free from the dirt along with some slugs and skinks.  I loved that!

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What’s It All About?

Where did I look to answer that question when forming my “About” page?  It’s hard to look in the past for that, unless you carry your past around like an old suitcase, which (hate to say) I do occasionally…  I look at what’s on my mind.  What am I consumed by?  I’m coming to discover that what I write about will always be pertinent as long as it means something to me or someone else, for that matter.  Right now, taking action to move back home to be with my family and friends is foremost in my mind even more than it has been in the last 10 years.  Dad’s passing has shoved it under a magnifying glass.

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