My dad


One day we came to Rockford, IL…

not because we wanted to see Rockford, IL, but because my husband was starting a new job. (Interesting that New Orleans had no Psychologist positions open. You’d think that there never would be enough Psychologists!) That was in 2001. It’s 2015 and ever since that day I’ve been dreaming of moving back home.

“Poor thing,” you’re probably saying.
“She’s so homesick,” again, you’re probably saying.

And I guess you’re right. So the point, there is one here, I promise. With the passing of my dad this past July I’ve come to realize that home and family are very important.  I’ve wanted to write as long as I can remember and Dad wanted to write a book with me.  Maybe this is the book that we are writing together.  Are ya with me, Dad??

“You can be at home anywhere” is a popular philosophical standpoint. I agree with it, surprisingly. I also know that I’m going home in about a year. New Orleans is my home and I will go back by the end of next summer. It’s all coming to a head and I’m declaring it  here. My blog is about coming home.  I’m writing it for me but also for my dad.  He knows I can do it.  He knows I can do anything.  So I’ll listen to him for a while.

Once I’m home, then what?  Well, we’ll see, I guess…

(By the way, the people in the picture are me, Dad, and my sister, Jen.)


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