The Encouraging Thunder Award!


Wow!  With a name like that for the award how could I not be thrilled to be acknowledged by my fellow blog-mate, Miss Sarah?!

I had to do some looking to find out what this is all about and I did find this lovely quote:

Encouragement is said to be the oxygen for the human spirit. Do not forget you are carrying someone’s air with you. Encourage them. Help them breathe” – anonymous.

One of the rules states that I have to share with y’all why I do this.  To encourage each other, yes that’s the ideal reason we try to do this, I think.  But I have to say that that just seems to happen peripherally as I add more posts and as I read and get to know my “neighbors” in WordPress-land. The reason I started this (and this is on my About page) was to create a “space” for me to share my process as I do what I can to get home, and to support me in writing the book that I promised Dad we’d write one day.  So he’s here with me in spirit as I type, guiding my fingers, looking lovingly in on his 2 girls as they get through everyday life without him.  I hope my story makes a difference to someone out there.  I just need to say that I LOVE the community that we’ve built so quickly through the Blogging 101 course and through it’s completion.  So thank you, lovely Sarah, for nominating me for this award designed (I believe) so that we can get to know each other even better, strengthening our community of bloggers!
Here are the rules for the recipients:

The Encouraging Thunder Award comes with very simple rules:

a. The nominee posts the Award on their blog and adds the logo.

b. Pay it forward by nominating others.

c. Mention your purpose for blogging and thank the person that nominated you; also add their URL to your post for ping back.

I nominate these splendid blogs for your review.  They are versatile, human, and beautiful!  Enjoy!


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