Christmas at home

Where is Home?

I reside in the Midwest. “Reside” is a good word to describe my existence every day. My heart is at home in New Orleans. For those of you not from New Orleans (or even from the deep south) you may not get my attachment to my hometown. New Orleans is a different kind of city, almost its own country, in a way. The day we were traveling to Rockford was very sad for me; not only because I had to leave my family and friends and the only home I’ve ever known, but we arrived the day after 9/11. It was a remarkable day in history and a life-changing event, personally, for me. It was an unpleasant day. I continue to hold on to the belief that one day I will get back. With my dad gone now it feels even more important that I make it back home. My sister is my only sibling and I so miss my friends from so long ago. What all of us have in common, however, is that we all have a home town. Many of us leave home to go live somewhere else either by choice or necessity. My experience is only one story. What’s your story? Are there similarities in our hometowns? I’m sure there are!

St. Louis Cathedral
The St. Louis Cathedral has a distinct presence in the Quarter. Perhaps being the only reminder of all that is good and holy in the eyes of God..

The heart of downtown is only one ventricle of the heart of the city. History runs rampant throughout New Orleans. Not city history. MY history. Going downtown reminds me of the time when Mardi Gras parades used to parade through the Quarter. My dad had a friend (Kim) who had an apartment in the French Quarter. We used to go there on Mardi Gras Day when the parades would pass, and standing on Kim’s balcony brought us a shower of doubloons, super balls, and glass beads! It was glorious! Dad didn’t have to worry about his girls being knocked down by the boys looking to take the doubloons that had been dropped at our feet. Watching Mardi Gras from Kim’s balcony was heavenly!

Rex Parade-the last parade in the city

Of course, home wouldn’t be home without Sal’s SnoBalls! The best snow balls in the world, hands down! The day was complete when we went to Sal’s for a large grape snow ball on a hot summer’s day. What a joy!

Sal's Sno*Balls

Yesterday we went to the Lakefront to sit on the seawall. In the distance we saw the rain approaching. It was beautiful!

The Lakefront
The lakefront watching the rain move in

There are so many things about home that I love! Just look!

This video gives you a sense of the city’s beauty from the sky.  Priceless!

Home is my rock. My husband, my kids, everything, started in New Orleans. Yes, home is where you make it. I love my Rockford friends. My home is in New Orleans with my family and that’s where I’ll return someday. I bet my Rockford friends would be really happy to have me there, with a guest room waiting just for them…


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