Taking things for granted…

Like water… A pipe broke at my sister’s house and we are without water for a day or so.  I’d gotten my son a bathing suit that was too small.  I told him I was going to take it back and exchange it.  He said he wanted to come with me to Walmart so he could go to the bathroom.  Very smart!  Got back here and made a sandwich for dinner and was dismayed that I couldn’t rinse the knife after I spread the peanut butter.  Little disappointments all because we expect something to be there even when we know it’s not.  When I have the thought to wash my hands, I forget that the water’s been off all day.  I went for a walk earlier when the sun was still up.  Here in New Orleans it’s been pretty warm!  I came back dripping and realized that there’s no shower in store for me.  So I sat out in the patio and stopped sweating.  Then I went inside to let the sweat dry so I wouldn’t be wet anymore.  Weird, huh?  It just makes me wonder what else do we take for granted like water.  Probably more than I’d want to know.  When the water comes back on tomorrow or Thursday I will be very grateful, and I’m sure everyone else in the house will like that I will be able to take a shower.


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