With Dad

Turn, turn, turn, refocus, change…

Starting with the song… you know the one.

“To everything turn, turn, turn… There is a season, turn, turn, turn… and a time to every purpose, under heaven…”

A time to live, die, rethink, inspire and be inspired… Ever since I was a girl I wanted to be a writer.  As I got older, my dad told me he wanted to write a book with me.  His thoughts about what that would look like were kind of hard to nail down, but he was so sweet in his sincerity and his inclusion of me in such a wonderfully, lofty goal!  We worked at it a few times.  Took copious notes about what he wanted to say, had long talks into the night over dinner at Sal and Sam’s (which is closed now, unfortunately!), and talked on the phone about it ongoingly.  Dad is one of the most important people in my life and it saddens me to report that on July 1st, slightly after midnight, he passed away.  He was 85.  He had a heart condition for most of his life.  Three heart attacks, triple bypass surgery, high blood pressure, mild diabetes, etc.  He had a good life, however. At his funeral I couldn’t stop thinking that it would have been nice to work a bit more on that book he and I were planning.  My thought then, was simple.  “Maybe I can do it now, for him, since he’s not here.”  So that’s what this is.  After having this idea, I saw the ad for the bogging 101 class.  I’d just learned a good deal about WordPress so it seems fit and appropriate and Dad would love it!  So here I am, giving this a go.  I’ve been a journaler since age 7.  At 53, maybe I can do this and write something that will be a contribution to someone.  Please come with me and Dad on this journey.  Let’s see where we end up!


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