1D in Minneapolis

I went with Sam and her friend, Lexi. Yes, I’m a big fan as well. The thing that surprised me, however, was the outdoor arena. It was OUTDOORS. I didn’t know that. I dressed in jeans with a 3/4 sleeve shirt thinking I would be so clever (because that 1/4 really makes a huge difference when you’re blasted with A/C!). After eating a late lunch at Jimmy John’s we made our way to the venue. Sam and Lexi sat about 5 rows from the stage. I sat about 505 rows away from the stage. I was all the way in the back. And up into the nosebleed areas.

Yes. Way far back. We sat for about 2 hours. It was warm. I was sweaty from head to foot. I rolled my jeans up to my knees and pulled my 3/4 sleeves up to almost 1/8. The show started just before the sun went below the arena walls. Then it cooled off and watching the boys was great fun!

The day was great.  We all had a great time and now I can say I drove 5 hours to get somewhere to spend most of the day and then drive 5 hours again to get back to Rockford.   We got back at a little after 6:00am.  Josh had a doctor’s appointment at 10:15am.  Needless to say, it was a hard day.  But the trip was great fun!


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